Friday, July 1, 2011

then there was a tea party

i am very behind on my blogging.  so behind.  this post has an excuse at least, namely one very HUGE shake in christchurch on 22 February, the day after I returned from the shoot of these photos.
this was one of my biggest milestones in my career so far.  i got through the shoot relatively stress-free (even when my strobe fell off the raised garden onto concrete - a bad word did leave my lips - poor children).
they say never work with animals or children.  i was relatively relaxed about working with a few kids tho.  yeah that was until my client told me the day before it was in fact EIGHT children, not the four I had in my head!  and of course with children comes parents.....then she made mention of having her dog there too.  oh my!  lucky the dog did not eventuate, although I met him after the shoot and wished we had used him!
considering the amount of sugar that was involved, the number of children and the number of parents, it was one of the smoothest shoots ever.  the kids were great, the parents fantastic, and some great product to work with.



Sunday, May 1, 2011

autumn light

the end of day light in autumn is out of this world.... especially on a clear day.  that clear day took the edge of the cooler weather that has been starting to creep into our days here in christchurch.
this year, post 22 february, shooting weddings has been particularly more enjoyable.  i've savored these days filled with joy and happiness, that let you forget momentarily what awaits you at home.
all the weddings i have booked were planned outside of christchurch, so very little disruption to the planning of the day, but it also means i get to travel away from the city and feel some distance.
melton estate was the venue of choice today.  tracy the host is amazing and makes everything so easy.  pre-wedding, the girls had spent the night at halkett lodge, which is just the cutest little b&b out the back of west melton.  it's tucked away down a long, long drive in amongst forest and farmland.
the day overall was gorgeous, along with the bride in her stunning dress.
again, another wedding i was so honoured to be a part of.  thank you n & t.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a wet wedding

even though one plans a wedding for the first weekend of autumn, you'd usually expect there still to be a hint of summer in the air.  and until 1pm there was.  a strong nor-westerly had been blowing all the previous day and into the morning.  but one thing you can always count on after a nor-west, is a southerly change, and it came with vengence.  the last wedding I was at, the rain stopped just before the ceremony.  this time, the rain started with the ceremony. 
I'm sure most photographer's will tell you the same story though, the rain didn't get in the way of a great day!  Victoria and Luke were still willing and had fun doing it.  the hardest part of the day....keeping it secret from Luke that his bride was arriving in his favourite transportation....the look on his face, priceless!
Another fabulous wedding with fabulous people.  Thanks for letting us be a part of it :)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a spring wedding

one wet saturday in late spring 2010 i had my first experience as a second shooter/ assistant at a wedding, a gorgeous wedding.  i loved being a part of the day and still experiencing all that comes with that, without the usual pressure of being 'the' shooter.
it was super wet in the morning, but it cleared just half an hour before the (outside) ceremony, with just a few spits during it.  it really couldn't have been any better weather for a photographer (except maybe a little less wind)
i still got to do all the girly stuff and the details.  the bride was gorgeous, as were the bridsmaids and the groom and groomsmen, well they were just downright fun(even after copious amounts of port)!
in all reality, the day couldn't have gone better..... win


Friday, January 7, 2011


so, still catching up from the many posts i am behind in from 2010.
late in 2010 i have the pleasure of photographing a fabulous print exhibition by the talented Sandra Thomson, a fellow tutor at the polytech.
i had creative license with this shoot and i had FUN!!!  i immediately fell in love with the prints and thoroughly enjoyed photographing the finer details of the prints.  see for yourself.


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