Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Moments in Time

Our life is full of moments. So many moments. Some good. Some bad. Some memorable. Most not.

The past few weeks have been FULL of moments for me, which has made me think, about moments. What do they mean? Are they literally just that, moments? Or should more be taken from them.

For all of us, some moments stand out more than others. Some are more memorable, some are less memorable… some just stick in our minds for no other reason than they happened. What is it that makes them memorable, even when they are, just, daily happenings?Back to my earlier thought, should I take something from these moments? And if so, what really is more important than the next?

I have recently had moments that will change me, and my life journey. Exactly how they will affect me overall I do not know yet, but I can feel that these moments were more than just your every day events.


Friday, September 14, 2007

who i am

I have lived most of my years in the New Zealand metropolis, Auckland. Compared to the rest of NZ it's a fast-paced, vehicle clogged, image-based city. Compared to most other large cities in the world, it is sleepy.
It is where anyone who's 'anyone' lives in this country, because it is where all the jobs are, it's where it all happens, it's just the hub - well that's what most Aucklanders think.
I moved to Christchurch at the beginning of this year to become a student again. It's the most liberating decision of my life.

I think it's easy to get lazy and complacent if you don't challenge yourself every now & then. Everyone evolves, some slowly, some consistenly, some in fits and starts. I'm still unsure as to which category I fall into, but over the past year I seemed to have almost completed a 180 to what i used to believe in, and what i used to 'live'. Moving away from Auckland was a result of this.

The part of society I was intertwined in was a superficial, image-obsessed, and had a 'competing with the Jones' mentality. Life was about yourself and getting the most you could get from it. As a way to live i generally don't have a problem with this, but when it is at the expense of others, I do. Whether this is directly, or undirectly, you should always be aware of the consequences of what you do.

Slowly I am recognising this for what it can be and what it can encapsulate.


Friday, August 24, 2007

This is me

This is me. This is who i am. Mostly out there for all to see, but keeping part of me hidden. Which part, and where? Who can say? I don't even know which part, until i meet you, judge you, work out who you are, who you might be, and which part of me is off limits to you.
Most people have more of themselves, than less of themselves off limits to the world around them. Only allowing those they know well, and trust to get closer, be closer.
I on the other hand am pretty much you get what you see. It's often unpredictable, but you still see it and get it served up, straight in front of you.
(partly inspired by SHT)


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