Sunday, July 25, 2010

ben & lou

it seems kind of ironic that i have never seen the need to get married (except for that slight slip up many years ago), and yet i am compelled to record the weddings of others.  maybe i'm getting too soft in my old age, but it isn't the most conducive job to ensuring i don't get panda eyes, as without fail my eyes well up at least once during the ceremony.
this past weekend was no exception, when photographing ben & lou's ceremony.
lou is the elder sister of a good friend of mine, yet i hadn't met her until she was looking for a photographer for her wedding.  talk about clicking immediately.  our first meeting we couldn't stop talking and managed to talk away 90mins while barely touching on the wedding.
most of our communication since then has been via email, with her & ben being located in auckland and obviously i in christchurch, so as her and ben's wedding drew closer i got more excited about seeing her again and meeting ben(the opportunity hadn't arisen before hand)
the day was gorgeous, as were the bride and groom.  it was a long shoot day, but it still went so quickly, i can't imagine what it was like for those more involved in the must have truly flown by!
love you guys, can't wait to catch up when you are back in the '03'


Saturday, July 24, 2010

a little while back a friend asked me if i could create some photoblocks for her for gifts that she needed for a school trip.  these were to be given as gifts to a group of australians, so, as one would, i aimed for an nz theme.
as i have already established, landscapes aren't really my thing, but i had a go.  below are the resulting images, all of which were taken in the surrounding christchurch area.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

jumping outside the rectangle

it's good for one's soul to look at things outside their normal boundaries.  i'm not so good at this concept, so when i was up very early one very crisp, clear morning recently i did wonder for a moment(or three) that i was perhaps mistaken about this.
i had been commissioned take a photo of cass bay, one of the many bays on lyttleton harbour.  i think seeing the same landscape so often, you forget about the beauty of it.  but once you start to actually look at it in details you realise what a stunning country we live in.
i managed to please the client, so i was happy.....maybe i have a new avenue to pursue


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