Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the end

well, the end of my time at CPIT at least.  Last nite was the opening of the creative festival, which is the accumulation of all the students work's across the creative industries faculty. 
this was my showcase for the year, where i got to exhibit a series of work, as the photographic artist in residence.  of course it would have been amazing to have my own exhibition, but ultimately the exposure i could get from being part of this very large exhibition, is awesome.
so after many weeks of stress, and one particularly stressful weekend, i was done and ready to show.
it was a great nite, and a lot of people viewed my work!!  what was the most exciting part of the evening though, was that there is an apparent buyer for my first four pieces.... we like that!
so, finally, here is is.  enjoy.









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this is the current showpiece for the work of kirsty macdonald. primarily a fine art photographer, she also dabbles in an array of other photographic areas - portraits, weddings, commercial.
kirsty can be contacted at info@kmphotos.co.nz

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