Friday, August 24, 2007

This is me

This is me. This is who i am. Mostly out there for all to see, but keeping part of me hidden. Which part, and where? Who can say? I don't even know which part, until i meet you, judge you, work out who you are, who you might be, and which part of me is off limits to you.
Most people have more of themselves, than less of themselves off limits to the world around them. Only allowing those they know well, and trust to get closer, be closer.
I on the other hand am pretty much you get what you see. It's often unpredictable, but you still see it and get it served up, straight in front of you.
(partly inspired by SHT)


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this is the current showpiece for the work of kirsty macdonald. primarily a fine art photographer, she also dabbles in an array of other photographic areas - portraits, weddings, commercial.
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