Monday, October 18, 2010

i heart facebook

i do, i really do.  simply because i get to stay in touch, reconnect and meet new people through the realm of the www!!! 
recently i got to meet up with an old friend from school and photograph her and her gorgeous family.  we had lost touch over the years, but thanks to the www, we had caught up again.  earlier this year she had asked me to let her know if i was ever in auckland so that she could book me in for a family session.
guaranteed, the two year old played up, oh how i love the "terrible two's" (but hate that they are called that).
miss two was super gorgeous and super cheeky and made for some great pics.  mr three months was super cruisy!
i really love witnessing the growth of my friend's from schoolgirls/ boys to mothers/ fathers. 



what i love most about my job is the variety i have.  to say i get bored quickly is an understatement, so to be able to shoot a wide variety of subjects in any one week, makes my world. 
i guess my interest in all things different, partially came about when i was working on documentaries with robyn scott-vincent, or maybe that just reiterated how interesting i find the world around me and all that is in it.
a bi-annual event, worldskills nz nationals is a competition for young people(basically just entering their trade of choice) to compete in their chosen skill to be nz's best, with then the possibility of competing at the international level.  the majority of the competition was trades based this year, and watching the skill involved in each trade was awe inspiring.  when you actually take the time to watch and learn what is involved in any particular trade, it definitely makes you think twice about the work that goes into fixing your car, building your house,
fixing your drains.....etc etc.  much like a professional photographer really.  we make it look easy, but there is a skill involved ;)



i did a shoot back in september that i squeezed in for a family visiting from australia.  it was during a week that i already had shoots (sometimes more than one) on every day...i was frantic. 
it was a very random meeting of an acquaintance of mine that they came to me and  i had organised someone to do the shoot for them, but bless them, they wanted me to do it.
it was a stunning, but very chilly morning (esp as they hail from the sunshine coast).  i was freezing and i was dressed much more appropriately(not having to be in front of the camera) than they were.  but they were troopers, even when i was fussing trying to find the right light, they just hung on in there.
gorgeous story, this couple were over with their daughter celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary.  they had eloped all those years ago and were married in hagley park under a stunning old oak tree. 
they were also the first wedding for wesley of "punting on the avon".... oh how i love me a good story.
thanks for sharing your story with me anita, craig and layla. 


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