Thursday, December 10, 2009

precious moments

i was recently up in auckland catching up with my friends, and basically hanging out. i realised at the end of the trip that almost every day i was there i was surrounded by children. it's official, i am pretty much the only childless one amongst friends my age.
when i go out to visit my best friend, and mother of my god-daughter i always have the camera on hand. there are three in the family now and i always like to get some snaps so i can look back on how quickly they grow, especially as i see them so rarely. here a few of my fav's from the afternoon i spent with them.


s had a friend over, so i got a few snaps of them hanging out too.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the end

well, the end of my time at CPIT at least.  Last nite was the opening of the creative festival, which is the accumulation of all the students work's across the creative industries faculty. 
this was my showcase for the year, where i got to exhibit a series of work, as the photographic artist in residence.  of course it would have been amazing to have my own exhibition, but ultimately the exposure i could get from being part of this very large exhibition, is awesome.
so after many weeks of stress, and one particularly stressful weekend, i was done and ready to show.
it was a great nite, and a lot of people viewed my work!!  what was the most exciting part of the evening though, was that there is an apparent buyer for my first four pieces.... we like that!
so, finally, here is is.  enjoy.









Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pitch models

the past two days i have had two photo sessions with the catwalk models for the cpit fashion school end of year show, pitch. they are competing to have a photo shoot with a talent agency - alas not me ;).  go here to check out all the year 1 and 2 models and cast a vote for your favourite.  here are a few of the shots.  more to follow very soon






Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pete wheeler

over the past few weeks i've had the pleasure to shoot my friend pete's paintings for his latest exhibition coming up in november. he needed the works shot for his catalogue, which i must say is looking very cool. it's designed by our mutual friend jay, who has done a fantastic job.
i did a couple of shoots, the first to simply document the paintings in situ' and get some pic's of pete...and basically to suss out the paintings, coz these baby's are big. the largest being 3.2m by 2.7m.
the second shoot was to document each of the pictures for the catalogue inserts - oh did i mention, the catalogue is like an record album cover....too cool
pete wheeler, all bets are off, jonathan smart gallery, opening 17 november 2009.













Sunday, September 13, 2009

family photos

for my cousin's birthday present this year i gave her a 'voucher' for a family photo shoot and printed photos. Her birthday is just before winter, and even though winter day's in chc can produce some stunning photos, it's still a bit cold! so we waited until spring to get out and snap! And it was well worth the wait - today was a stunner of a so warm, clear blue skies and great light!


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