Thursday, March 15, 2012

a little special

right before christmas, two beautiful people were married in the little village of waikari in canterbury.  two people with their own stories, their own journeys, who came to meet one day on a blind date set up by two very good, well-knowing friends.  that day they told their stories, and so began, their story.  A story which  travelled across the country whilst they lived in different cities and planned a wedding in another town.  17.12.11 their journey's were officially united amongst a lot of laughter (go the fist pump jess), a floods of tears (both happy and sad) and some beautiful stories (jonno and the perfect girl).

jess & jonno, you are adorable. super stoked! enjoy the continuation of your journey team j. x


Thursday, February 2, 2012

time has past

it's been a while between posts.  so much has happened.  so much has past.  2011 was a strange year in my world, and so many of those close to me, what with the constant grumbling of the land, illness, relationships, resignations.... the usual lie of the land, except for the land!
making it through to the end of 2011 without having a nervous breakdown was an exceptional effort by all my close friends in christchurch.  nice work my lovelies.
despite everything the universe decided to throw at me, the year was a steady stream of work & successes, most of which i neglected to post, so here is the first taster of some of my fav's of 2011.


Friday, July 1, 2011

then there was a tea party

i am very behind on my blogging.  so behind.  this post has an excuse at least, namely one very HUGE shake in christchurch on 22 February, the day after I returned from the shoot of these photos.
this was one of my biggest milestones in my career so far.  i got through the shoot relatively stress-free (even when my strobe fell off the raised garden onto concrete - a bad word did leave my lips - poor children).
they say never work with animals or children.  i was relatively relaxed about working with a few kids tho.  yeah that was until my client told me the day before it was in fact EIGHT children, not the four I had in my head!  and of course with children comes parents.....then she made mention of having her dog there too.  oh my!  lucky the dog did not eventuate, although I met him after the shoot and wished we had used him!
considering the amount of sugar that was involved, the number of children and the number of parents, it was one of the smoothest shoots ever.  the kids were great, the parents fantastic, and some great product to work with.



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