Thursday, December 30, 2010

have a bit of attitude baby

prior to picking up a camera, i was the production manager for the first season of the tv series attitude.
many an average person spends much of their life complaining about what they can't do.  attitude is based on those new zealander's that have a disabilty but get on with their life and make it work for them!
even in the first year the number of amazing people we met along our journey was awesome.  over the past five years i don't think they have struggled to find people with the strength and motivation to succeed in life with what many of us would see as a 'disadvantage'.  they have attitude!

now about to head into it's 6th season in 2011, i was back to work with the team in with camera in hand to do the presenter publicity photos for 2011.


just an average sunday

every now and then you know doing a good turn will result in a good turn being done unto GT this year was one sunny sunday in october in Auckland when I attended a wedding as my friend's plus one....


a long overdue catch up

is on it's way!!! 
in the meantime this is where i head on my day off.....pity i can't properly sample the merchandise :/



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

baby bump

it's always a little intimidating when you are taking photos of other photographers, especially such personal ones.  a few weeks back i did a pregnancy session with an ex-classmate who has since had her darling girl.  these were taken at 38 weeks, she was still so tiny!  we didn't expect her to be born on her due date, but she came bang on time AND was not so tiny!
this is what we came up with


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